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Reisshub explains the different play-styles in the Fortnite Champion Series progression and how to earn the most points when it matters.

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What’s going on Fortnite Fam.

Reisshub here to break down the differences between Round 1 and Round 3 which players sometimes referred to as the opens and finals during the Qualifiers and also how you can apply those differences into your own gameplay.

There are a lot of things to see in Round 3 of this FNCS that you won’t see in Round 1 so I want to list out what these kind of things are and what you can expect in your own Round 1 gameplay and in Cash Cups.

One of the themes that we’ve been noticing a lot in Round 3 is that teams who are consistently uncontested are doing better on their regions than teams who are being contested by another team.

For the FNCS Warm-up Round 3 60% of the people who placed top 5 in any region were uncontested in their dropspot.

This is because it’s the same 33 teams in every single game and they all have their planned and prepared dropspots and they don’t really change this unless their day is going very very badly.

So let’s look at EU where Rams Keziix, Grizi 4zr & Grizi Nayte took home that 1st place slot in the FNCS qualifier Week 1.

In Round 3 there were uncontested 12 out of 12 games at Sweaty Sands and they played their hearts out to win the overall tournament.

In Round 1 they were contested by an average of 1 team in Sweaty Sands which means they had to fight in the early game and nearly all of their matches.

This is what Round 1 is going to be like for the majority of players out there.

You’re not going to be able to consistently get a POI uncontested in an open stage because you have no idea who is in your game and where their preferred drop is.

So it’s very unlikely that you’re going to be uncontested all of the games of your tournaments.

So to counter this you just need to know your looting path through your dropspots
as efficiently as possible and be very very good at fighting there which my preferred way to practice that is to play a ton of Trio Arena and really really get down that dropspot.

Another thing that you’ll notice in Round 3 gameplay is that a ton of the eliminations come in at the end of the game.

So once the zones start moving.

This is because if you get into a fight in the early and midgame with another top tier team in the finals most of the time it’s just not going to benefit them that much.

This is because the fight is going to drag on for a long time and both teams are not going to be able to focus on their rotates or their positioning.

Plus they will most likely waste their heals and their materials which means they are not going to get as far into the endgame.

If you use LG Jumper, SEN Bugha and C9 Avery from Round 3 as an example you can see the distribution of the eliminations mainly weighted towards the endgame.

This is a little bit different in their first game of Round 1 because top level players are just so good that they are ahead of the average Champion level player.

If you look at the elimination spread here you can see that there’s way more in the early and midgame because they just wanted to get those high level of eliminations so that they canget ahead in the leaderboards after that first game in Round 1.

So if your trio is a really really good fighting trio you can definitely incorporate this into your first game get you some high eliminations, and then after that play very very consistently.

If your trio isn’t confident at fighting and doesn’t win a large amount of their fights this is a strategy that I would not employ and I would just recommend instead trying to be a lot more consistent in each individual game.

In Round 3, players need to ensure they have a solid strategy to ensure they’re above the Storm Surge threshold.

On average, they are in a position to get Storm Surge tags 2 minutes before the first zone closes such as we’d see from 100T Arhkram, 100T Rhex & NRG Epikwhale.

A lot of teams do this by just focusing on a high ground position on like a hill in the centre zone for example.

Then they’re going to have the biggest angles to take shots on players who are rotating giving them the highest Storm Surge possible.

In Round 1 there’s more early game fights because there’s more players being contested.

A lot of the times, the first Storm Surge at 70 threshold in the 3rd zone does not actually activate because there’s not as many players alive.

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